Rotor Head Upgrades for Axe 100 helis!

CNC Swash Plate Axe 100 CP/SS/SSL
CNC Swash Plate Axe 100 CP/SS/SSL

They're all-aluminum, super-affordable and the five upgrades pilots ask for most. They're all designed for the most popular aerobatic helis in the Helimax line — the Axe 100 CP, Axe 100 SS and Axe 100 SSL — and they all offer the same great benefits.

  • CNC-machining for tighter tolerances and greater handling precision.
  • Billet aluminum construction for more crash-resistant strength.
  • Anodizing for greater eye appeal and longer-lasting looks.
  • (HMXE2050-2053) are available individually for targeted upgrades.
Stock Numbers:
HMXE2050 CNC Head Block Axe 100 CP/SS
HMXE2052 CNC Swash Plate Axe 100 CP/SS/SSL
HMXE2053 CNC Head Screw Set Axe 100 CP/SS/SSL