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The Axe line of helis is one of the most recognized in R/C, and the Axe CP 2.4GHz stands out with requested features such as a 2.4GHz radio, simplified rotor head, LiPo battery, anodized aluminum parts and more. It comes completely assembled, with virtually everything you need — right down to the training gear. With just a little coaxial or fixed pitch heli experience you'll be confidently flying the Axe CP 2.4GHz and enjoying its fully aerobatic capabilities in no time!

Hiller mixing head

The Hiller mixing head offers smooth, precise control. A lower parts count makes it easier to repair.

powerful 380-size main motor

The powerful 380-size main motor and quality radio components are installed inside a durable rigid uni-body frame.

battery tray

The battery tray securely holds the included LiPo battery.

direct drive-equipped tail rotor

The direct drive-equipped tail rotor delivers quick response, and the N60 motor is larger than you would expect for a mini-sized heli, for added durability. An anodized heat sink provides motor cooling.

main rotor blade grips

The main rotor blade grips have been reinforced for extra durability and more precise blade tracking.

training gear

Training gear adds forgiveness that accelerates confidence during the learning process.

Axe CP Included Parts


The Axe CP 2.4GHz comes with everything you see here:

  • Anodized aluminum parts and training gear
  • Assembled airframe with finished, trimmed canopy
  • 11.1V 1050mAh LiPo battery
  • AC balancing LiPo wall charger

Recommended Options:

HMXE7459 CNC Bell-Hiller Rotor Head Upgrade Kit w/CNC Blade Grips
HMXE7454 CNC Swash Plate
HMXE7456 CNC Slide Block and Seesaw
HMXE7657 CNC Flybar Carrier

The 5-channel 2.4GHz radio system offers all this:

  • A lightweight, comfortable transmitter
  • Interference-free control
  • Dual rates for matching radio operation to your experience/skill level

Stock Number: HMXE0810
Rotor Diameter: 21.5 in (546 mm)
Length: 22 in (559 mm)
Weight: 16.8 oz (476 g)
Requires: (4) "AA" batteries

Manual      Boom Support Instructions
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