Command the flying field.

From infiltration to VIP transportation, the Sikorsky UH-60 BLACK HAWK does it all. It's the most versatile tool in the U.S. Arsenal filling transport, medevac, fire support and search and rescue roles. That's why Helimax had to make this model!

Only Helimax has this much detail

From the rotors to the rubber tires, our bird is the spitting image of the BLACK HAWK. It's also much more. A collective pitch rotor head and variable pitch tail rotor let our model perform aerobatics that would get you kicked out of helicopter flight school!

Helimax made sure that this aircraft, which has done so much for America, is both exactingly detailed and exhilarating to fly.



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Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization

Total heli control — to the 3rd power!

TAGS goes far beyond a single-axis gyro, giving stability to the yaw, roll and pitch axes. That means you can fly your BLACK HAWK with confidence, knowing that external forces will not adversely affect its performance. It's stability taken to the next level.

Scale rotors

Smooth, stable flight

Scale rotors give this BLACK HAWK a realistic look and feel.

magnetic hatch

Easy access to electronics

A magnetic battery hatch in the nose removes quickly for easy battery changes.

The AMA Advisory on LiPo Safety

Factory-installed electronics

Factory-installed electronics

With components this good, it's a shame to hide them behind plastic. So here's what you're getting: Cased micro digital rotary-drive servos, brushless motor, ESC and three-axis gyro.

parts layout
Everything Included
  • 6-channel 2.4GHz SLT radio
  • LiPo battery and AC balancing LiPo charger

parts layout
Tx-R version includes
  • LiPo battery and AC balancing LiPo charger

HMXE0838 — RTF
HMXE0839 — Tx-R
Rotor Diameter: 12.8 in (324 mm)
Length: 16.7 in (425 mm)
Weight: 7.4 oz (210 g)

BLACK HAWK and the BLACK HAWK helicopter design are trademarks of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. They are licensed throughout the world to Shanghai Nine Eagle Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.