Fly like a V.I.P.

The twin-engine Eurocopter EC145 has served in a variety of roles, including emergency medical service and search-and-rescue efforts, but is perhaps best utilized as a corporate transport aircraft.

Helimax has replicated the EC145 in a 1/43 scale electric model with extensive scale detail that you have to see up close to believe. The injection-molded body alone includes rivets, windows, turbine exhausts, tie downs, door outlines and more. One look at this exceptional machine will have you wanting to fly it.

It's smooth, stable performance will have you flying with confidence.

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Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization

Total heli control — to the 3rd power!

TAGS goes far beyond a single-axis gyro, giving stability to the yaw, roll and pitch axes. That means you can fly your EC145 with confidence, knowing that external forces will not adversely affect its performance. It's stability taken to the next level.

4-blade rotor head

Smooth, stable flight

The unique 4-blade rotor head features collective pitch that expands the heli's maneuverability — while the TAGS 3-axis gyro provides smooth, stable flight.

magnetic fuselage

Easy access to electronics

The forward fuselage is attached magnetically for easy access to the electronics — while also preserving the EC145's scale lines.

The AMA Advisory on LiPo Safety

Factory-installed electronics

Factory-installed electronics

With components this good, it's a shame to hide them behind plastic. So here's what you're getting: Cased micro digital rotary-drive servos, brushless motor, ESC and three-axis gyro.

parts layout
Everything Included
  • 6-channel 2.4GHz SLT radio
  • LiPo battery and AC balancing LiPo charger

Rotor Diameter: 9.6 in (245 mm)
Length: 12 in (305 mm)
Weight: 3.01 oz (85.5 g)

Eurocopter Officially Licensed Product